We aim to increase the availability of sustainable streetwear for women, with an ethnic tint. By keeping the prices low, the quality high and the design dope.

We work towards sourcing of GLOBALLY GHETTO's products from Banana Fiber, Pineapple Fiber, Lotus Fiber fabric from different indigenous producers in Africa.

GLOBALLY GHETTO is an exotic streetwear brand using Eco textiles and being all sustainable and stuff.

Started by the Amsterdammed Akua TG, straight from Africa, currently located in Asia.

1.5% of the income is donated to our mother nature and for social projects or and NGO.

Drop us a line for more information or go to our Journal to read about the brand and creator ATG. READ MORE
We offer a buy back  after 9 to 12 months of buying a Globally Ghetto clothing piece, you the buyer can exchange it for a coupon. The clothing piece will be upcycled and repurpose by a artist from the the hood. The item will be old as a collection piece/NFT.

The income will go to projects in low income neighborhood NGO's and the artist.