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GLOBALLY GHETTO started as a fashion blog, looking for cool and good quality ecofriendly clothing

to wear and share. Akua, Globally Ghetto’s founder, being very very very picky about her

clothing, struggled to find what she was looking for. Especially when she set her heart on

sustainable. It was close to impossible to find something interesting to wear that didn’t cost

one month’s rent! This and the lack of innovation since the 80’s in the fashion industry, left her

no choice but to do it herself. Right before the first corona outbreak was when Akua had

created her first collection. Check it out in the look book!

Why sustainable?

Fast fashion, that’s why. Let's quickly go back in time when natural fibers were very common

Western capitalist leaders at the time, decided to create a monopoly on mass produced fabrics,

reducing it to the few we know now. Years later and these “top dogs” of fashion, have created

an industry that goes against all logic. They have led us into a world where our natural resources are rapidly declining, our air is extremely polluted and now our minds are scattered.

This motivates us at Globally Ghetto to do better and we will forever continue to fight against

these ideals.


The Goal


focus is on the fashionistas who want a bang for their buck! We provide S.A.S: Sustainable,

affordable and sassy fashion. Sis, we can stylish without harming our precious planet earth,

Mission: Fusing sustainable & innovative solutions with street style & art.

Vision: Closing the gap between street culture, sustainability & style

Using a unique design process, we fuse ancient wisdom, traditional clothing styles, dopewear

and modern styles together. Our ancient designs principles include: Mathematical perfection,

layered art with symbolic meaning, and natural materials. We invest substantial time in

research and development, finding new sustainable inventions and ancient processes in fabrics

and manufacturing. We strive to be at the forefront of implementing fashion innovation and creating a 100% natural dopewear brand.


The Promise

Globally Ghetto is working towards having zero carbon, zero water wastage and being 100%

fair-trade. Our supply chain will be 100% with access to supplier information and more. Down

the line, we hope to begin creating our own sustainable fabrics. For example, orange peel,kapok, and banana peel fabrics. We plan to invest in automation in the fashion industry to

minimize the labor cost.

We hope to carry sustainability into the work place and use 100% renewable energy in our

studio. Having a diverse group of employees is also important for us.


The Owner

Miss G or Akua Gyamfuwaa is the founder of Globally Ghetto. Born in Ghana but raised by the

world, her globalist has an influence on her fashion. She is drawn to African, South East Asian

and South American cultures due to their similarities, colorful pallets and respect towards

nature. Society has built a negative construct around people who live in the ghetto. These

people inspire pop culture in music, fashion and art, and have been for the past 100 years. We

are inspired by this persistence, strength and empathy. Miss G embodies these values and

designs streetwear for women like her.

our next moves

World domination! No for real, we want the world to think differently about what they are

buying and how it makes an impact! Our end goal is to create fashion made from different

fibers collecting in Africa, for example banana, coconut and pineapple fibers to create fabrics,

plastics, hair extension, you name it! Distributing it to the world, we want to pioneer the

normalization of these materials. Before we can get there, Globally Ghetto fashion is the

priority that will break this fast fashion disaster.

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