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It took a while, I took my time, I wanted things to look good, although not 100% satisfied, there is not a lot I can complain about either. Anyways, gurrlll it has been a journey of massive fails, backstabs, idiotcray and just being plain unlucky. But here we are ¡¡¡, I think this is a perfect moment for an introduction.


A sustainable female streetwear brand called Globally Ghetto. A brand I am pre-launching today, that started off as a fashion blog back in 2016. Globally Ghetto uses eco fabrics like Tencel, organic cotton and recycled polyester/RPET and aims towards transitioning to 100% banana, pineapple, sisal, lotus, kapok, aloe vera and orange fibers. We want to source from agriculture and fruits/vegetable manufacturing waste and produce it in indigenous villages in Africa & South East Asia.



This is an developing initiative to bring sustainability to the ghetto. We price our clothing to a reasonable price so it is affordable. We give the buyer the opportunity to send back the clothing, free of charge in exchange for a coupon,  we will then upcycle and resell the clothing for a cheaper price in the hoods of Europe.

The ghettos are where 99% of fashion trends and styles originates, by bringing eco to the ghetto, eco becomes “cool”.

How it all started

As a (not so successful) fashion blogger, PR manager and a lover for the eau naturel , I was increasingly having a hard time buying and promoting non sustainable clothes. The modern day slavery, negative environmental and social impact and more non ethical things the garment industry doesn’t want you to know, really got me. I am of a weak heart and very action orientated so I wanted to do something about it.

My first ideas was to promote sustainable fashion on my blog. Which sounded amazing in theory, but not so in reality. During my search I bumped into these 3 things:

    1.  Eco friendly clothing cannot compete with the dominant fashion industries
      • This is because of two things, the design and the pricing. Sustainable clothing that looks good is often priced so high, I would have to starve one month and not pay rent for one month to buy an outfit.
      • If it is not highly priced it is so basic or for hippies. Most fashionistas want to look good and unique.
      2. The label eco or sustainable doesn’t often mean what you think it means
      • The words eco friendly and  sustainable are often used as a form of marketing and the threshold to call something eco or sustainable is significantly low.
      3. It is the system not the brands, the corporations or the people
      • The modern fashion industry was built on slavery, exploitation, Rand ideology and greed. This hasn’t changed for the last 100+ years, it was just rebranded, renamed and relocated.

I took all of this in consideration and decided to start my own sustainable streetwear brand for the ladies (cuz female streetwear in not very well presented) that will work as sustainable and ethical as possible within the established system and grow towards a new system which is truly eco friendly, ethical and sustainable.

How it’s going

At this moment I am pre launching a small production of 210 clothing pieces and 14 designs online. The income of this small production will be used to make a slightly bigger production. I do not have any investors I do not want to so that I can remain in total control of the company. All brands with investors and venture capitalism eventually fall back into the destructive system due to the investors wanting to make more profit every year.

Due to this decision I work on a very tight budget and have to do most things on my own which makes everything take a little bit longer and I am bound to making small production first.

That aside, Globally Ghetto first collection Come Ma Way is a unique and original made from approved sustainable/eco-friendly fabrics. By buying Globally Ghetto you as a consumer have no need to compromise style for eco friendly or your monthly salary for sustainability. Not only that you will be supporting a future were sustainable and ethical clothing will be the norm. And another plus, 1.5% of every purchase goes to social initiatives in low income neighborhoods and towards nature preservation.

This is a little intro to the brand and our future goals. Subscribe to our newsletter down below to stay updated.

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